Sweet Again

I used to be so gentle and sweet,

Just an innocent child.

I used to laugh and play and love,

So young and free and wild.

I used to live my life without caring,

 About the world’s mysteries,

I used to know almost nothing,

About its bloody history.

Well, that little girl is grown up,

And now she understands,

That this is a big, big, world,

Too big for one person’s hands.

That’s why there are wars,

And battles for the power,

Fights between ten thousand people,

That last for ten thousand hours.

This little girl also now knows

That the world can be cold,

She understands that to survive,

The key is to be bold.

And so I’ve had to become so tough,

And confident in myself,

Pretending that I’m totally fine,

Always refusing help.

So now I fight and fight and fight,

With all my strength and rage,

I battle for the right to live,

In this day and age.

Perhaps one day when the hate is dead,

And all the wars are done,

Then maybe I’ll see that little girl,

And I will be sweet again.

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