No Right Answer

Hold my hand, I said,

And the world in all its greatness,

Mistook my plea

For an open invitation.

Help me up, I said,

And my path was suddenly there,

Laid out at my humble feet.

Every stone in place,

The finish line was specific

And daunting.

There were no cracks nor curves,

But in my headstrong ways

I made the road longer and harder,

Splitting and dipping like a snake,

In place of a guide.

Then I tried to break free;

Leave the beaten path for others,

Thinking there was something better;

Something easier.

Now I am without a road,

And no longer know myself,

Unsure of what lies ahead,

Afraid of leaving the path fully,

Afraid that once my feet are truly off the stones,

My chance at the well-travelled road

Will be lost forever.

Perhaps the uncertainty is needed,

And leaving the road will give me hope,

A fresh start, so they say.

Perhaps darkness is the only thing

That can reveal a light in the distance,

But the uncertainty eats away at my soul.

There are no right choices, they say,

No use regretting the past.

Hardly comforting when the decision lies ahead.

It approaches quickly,

And I cannot go around.

It is an aggressive mix of beginning and end.

There is no right answer, I say,

But the world knows

And the question remains.

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