Living in the Moment Now

Music is playing in my head, like a theme song.

I know I’m awake but not alive.

Listening but not hearing.

Memories flow like a stream of water down my face,

Like laughter. Like tears.

People talk to me; do I hear them?

Do I even know I’m alive?

I remember the swing when I was eleven,

Hanging over the long green grass,

Swaying calmly in the breeze.

Why is it that only now I realize the serenity of that scene?

At eleven, all I saw was a wooden swing.

Someone speaks, and I answer automatically.

Do I know what I said?

I believe it’s time to wake up.

Things are happening; I will never be here again

In this time, this place, with these people.

Memories continue to surface, distracting me.

I remember when I was fourteen;

Harsh words to a good friend.

Regret is useless; you can’t change what’s happened.

Don’t forget the past, but don’t live in it either.

I speak, people hear me, and reply.

I’m beginning to emerge from my cloud of reminiscence.

It won’t ever be this way again; everything will change.

No more living asleep,

No more living in the past,

No more déjà vu.

Things are shifting; I’m moving forward.

I’m living in the moment now.

Living in the moment here and now.

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