The Meaning

What is love – how could I know the meaning?

He is my someone, gone from a stranger to my favorite soul.

I believed it was a set of chemicals, mixed in the brain and the heart,

Easily controlled and manipulated, causing crazy reactions and reckless decisions.

Perhaps that’s still true, but then I met him.

It wasn’t love at first sight; but love at first knowing.

I felt it when I knew him, when I learned him.

I know now, it’s more than chemicals,

More than lust and a backseat hookup.

It’s knowing that he’s rooting for me, when I’m chasing my dreams.

Knowing that he’s there with a cup of coffee, at the beginning of an important day,

And waiting with a cold beer, at the end of a difficult one.

Trusting that he knows all my darkest thoughts, but would never share,

Because he simply wants to help me through them.

It’s knowing that he wants me even when I’m moody or depressed,

And just wants to know what I need to feel okay.

It’s knowing that he wants to hear all my stories and support my goals,

That he laughs at my jokes, and challenges my fears.

It’s knowing that despite loving me he’s not afraid to criticize,

Because we all need someone to check us sometimes.

It’s caring so much about him that I would do all the same and more,

Just to know that he is safe and happy and feels my love too.

It’s knowing that happiness is real when shared, and wanting to share everything.

It’s believing this is what they mean when they describe the “real thing”.

It’s knowing that something brought us together,

And that we’ll both fight to keep us that way.

It’s knowing, it’s feeling, it’s more.

It’s terrifying, exhilarating, compelling, soothing.                                       

This, to me, is the meaning of love.

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