The Meaning

What is love – how could I know the meaning? He is my someone, gone from a stranger to my favorite soul. I believed it was a set of chemicals, mixed in the brain and the heart, Easily controlled and manipulated, causing crazy reactions and reckless decisions. Perhaps that’s still true, but then I met … Continue reading The Meaning

Quiet Battle

Bitterness, anger. Two people, once friends. Resentment, fury. Unseen sparks fly, without words. Eyes meet and narrow. Fists clench, a challenge. The silence is deafening. One turns away, And it’s over before it began.

Write Me Into the Sky

Write me into the sky, she said, Bury me in the clouds. Keep my soul safe from the Earth, And its monsters who bring me down. Sing me into the stars, she said, Please don’t let me fade, Paint me onto the canvas of the moon, And I’ll never die away.