Slaying the Dragon of Self-Doubt

It creeps in again, quietly, sneakily; eager to ride on your shoulders. No matter how often you have told yourself you’re smart, you’re strong, and you can do it, it doesn’t matter. Self-doubt is still there, riding along without invitation. Maybe this doesn’t happen to everyone. Maybe for some people, they manage to get rid … Continue reading Slaying the Dragon of Self-Doubt

Do With It What You Will

            Isolation. Lack of purpose. Boredom. Laziness. Loneliness. Stir-craziness.             During this unprecedented time, I am sure we have all felt some combination of these things. I don’t know about everyone else, but for me personally it has been difficult not to get sucked into gloominess and wallowing.            Just before this all happened and … Continue reading Do With It What You Will